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Free yourself

Your  Exclusive Pathway to a more creative life

A training course on creative thinking and living 

by Maria Baier-D’Orazio
Author, Trainer, Coach


To attend a training course about creativity – what for?

Well, the answer depends on how satisfied you feel with your way of living. If you feel your life as colorful, exciting and varied, if your head is turning round with new ideas, if you feel somehow free and forward oriented – then, maybe you don’t need such a course :-).

So, just do a short check on yourself :
– Do you feel somehow stuck in daily routine?
– Are you sometimes a bit bored with the life that you live?
– Do you often feel restricted by opinions and convictions in your social environment, in society?
– Are you sometimes dreaming to have more diversity in your life, more inspiring challenges?
– Did you have sometimes the wish to be a more creative person?
– Do you sometimes think you should discover what are your real talents?

If you have answered yes to some of these questions, then THIS course is made for YOU!

Start right now to get rid of convictions and patterns of thinking that you may have had or that others made you believe!

You don’t need to be rich to live a more colorful life nor do you need to have artistic talents to be more creative. 
You just need inner freedom and a sparkling mind.

And maybe a bit of a push to take off 🙂

Your life gets more creative, when you start to get aware of what restricts you,    
when you are able to look at everything in a different way.
Becoming more creative means to free yourself from what builds a prison around you:
one-way thinking,
obsolete convictions,
opinions of other people,
social coercion…

These will be the benefits of this course for you:
You will start to detect what types of routine restrict you and what you can do to transform routines into a more colorful living.
You will learn what consciousness has to do with creativity and how it can prevent your life from routine.
You will start to be keen to get rid of old things that keep you stuck in the past.
You will feel how you get more creative and how more creativity comes together with more freedom.

Creativity has lots to do with freedom. You may have noticed the free spirit of artists.
Well. all of us can become freer if we open up our mind to a more creative living and thinking.

On what is the course based?
The course is based on my own pathway in creativity, on the books that I have written about creative living and last not least on my experience empowering people all over the world during more than 30 years of professional life. 
Creative living is not only just more „colorful“, it is extremely useful in finding new ideas and better solutions. Thus it brings benefit to your personal and your professional life.

In a TEDx talk in Tbilisi in 2019 I presented some of my books, particularly the thoughts about how to look at ageing in a different way and how to get out of routines to preserve a healthy brain (see video). 


The two latest books (both still only in German) are about creative living: „Why not cut the tomatoes in a different way?“ and „Be different – to be yourself, think differently – in order to be free, act differently – so that something changes“.


How is the design of the course?

The course will take place in May and June 2024. It will start on May 11th.
The course is composed by 4 units, each unit on a Saturday and for about three hours each, from 10:00 to 13:00.
The planned dates are: 11.5., 25.5., 8.6., 22.6.
You will be part of a small group (6-9 persons) and the course will take place in my Creative Hub in Tbilisi/Ponichala.

The issues of the 4 units are the following:
Day 1: What is creativity? Which effects does it have to be creative in life? What kind of creativity would you like to develop?
What is hindering creativity? Which routines dominate your daily life (there are much more routines than you may be aware of…)?
Day 2: Get rid of old thinking  and of burdens from the past, so to open up your mind and to become freer.
What consciousness has to do with creativity and how unconscious use of technology restricts your life.
Day 3: Don’t just see and pass by! What it means to see in a different way, to watch consciously, to perceive things and reality by your heart.
Getting more creative in life by turning things upside down.
Day 4: Allowing creativity to flourish: give life to inanimate things, learn to be amazed by what you consider to be usual, overturn normality.

This course will NOT be just theory.
You will TRY OUT everything in your own personal life, whatever we will be talking about, you will check it in your life. This is practical learning :-). So, there is a serious thing about becoming more creative, but we will also have lots of fun, there will be challenges, performances, competitions, discoveries…


My CREATIVE HUB – an exclusive Place for a unique experience

The course will take place at my Creative Hub – a lovely and unique place.
You will be at a place where the vibes of international work, of books, art and  precious stones will surround you.


How to reach my Creative Hub

The address is: Rustavi Highway 34 (kvemo Ponichala) and it is quite easy to reach.

There is a big bus station where flowers are sold.
The entrance to my house is on the backside.

There is space for parking and if you are coming by public transport from Tbilisi, you have direct connections to this address (the bus station is in front of the house): Bus 101 (Varketilis IV), 102 Baratishvili, 245 (Vake Bagebi), 246 (Hualing Tbilisi). From Tbilisi or Rustavi, any Marshutka will take you there (make it stop at the third traffic light while coming from Tbilisi or at the bus station after the petrol station while coming from Rustavi).
By Marshutka it’s just 15-20 minutes from Tbilisi center (by big bus a bit more) or from Rustavi.

How to register for the course

If you like this course and you would love to participate, then register by the form hereunder.

The cost is 175 Lari to be paid before the course starts.

Keep in mind that the payment is the condition to reserve the place for you and that the number of places is very limited.

If you have any question, feel free to contact me. We can have a personal talk free of charge where you can know me and ask me whatever you want: Tel.: 599944403, WhatsApp +491702710591; email:

Privacy policy for the registration of the course

Use of your data from this form. The personal data that you provide to me as part of this registration will only be used for processing your registration and participation. It will not be passed on to third parties. Your data will be deleted once the contract has been completed.

You have the right to revoke your consent at any time with effect for the future. In this case, your personal data will be deleted immediately. Your personal data will be deleted if you revoke your consent to storage. This also happens if the storage is not permitted for other legal reasons. You can obtain information about the data stored about you at any time.

Detailed information on data protection and the handling of personal data can be found in the general privacy policy of my website.

Note on registration and payment

The cost for this course of 4 units is 175 Lari to be paid before the course starts.

You will find the details for the payment in the email you will receive as confirmation of your registration.

The registration AND the payment are necessary to assure your participation.

Keep in mind that the number of places is very limited.